Join Our Trans Awareness Week Session

Tue 17/11/20

12:00-13:00 (UTC)

People often talk about the issues that trans and gender diverse people face, whilst trying to be accepted as their authentic selves. A pressure to subscribe to certain gender stereotypes, in order to assimilate with a Gender Binary, can come from places rarely discussed. It may be as simple as a trans woman who feels that she can’t go out of the house without make-up or, as complex as a trans man feeling a pressure to participate in toxic masculinity. The struggles can be even more challenging for people who are non-binary or gender diverse, who face life in binary coded world. The price of acceptance often comes at the cost of one’s own authenticity. A desire to be true to oneself and one’s own nature can be overwritten by the conceived need to assimilate into “the norm”. In this discussion about the pressures of assimilationism on the transgender community, we will talk you through the damage it can do to individuals, to the community as a whole, and present ideas which we can all use to enable people of any gender identity live with authenticity.


Tuesday 17th October 12:00-13:00 (UCT) Hosted by: T&Coffee founders Jason & Samantha