History - Benefit Album - Double CD Extended Edition


Now is your chance to #BeOnTheRightSideOfHistory by pre-ordering exteneded editions of History. TransPunks have worked tirelessly to curate and produce this epic benefit album supporting T&Coffee. With so many artists contributing to History, all having connections to the Trans & Gender Diverse community, we couldn't simply limit it to a single disc.


(Don't worry if you already pre-ordered, we are giving FREE upgrades to the extended edition for all first run pre order supporters)


The creative direction grew from the huge show of support from so many bands who leapt at the opportunity to give to this project. Few styles of music capture the spirit of progress like the sounds of retro punk. This eclectic album includes classic sounds, with modern edgy lyrics forging a story which demands change. 



Disc 1:

01: Ian Page & The Affair // Prove It 

02: Seven Knives // Radioactive

03: French Boutik // Strasbourg St Denis

04: The Name // Misfits

05: YEH-YEH // High Society

06: The Deep Six // I'm Only Dreamin’

07: Omega TRibe // Dandana Dos Santos

08: This Is Not A Drill // Fight Like A Girl

09: 2 Sick Monkeys // Before I Die

10: Proper // One Way Street

11: The Threads // Brinks Mat 26m Live

12: Dorfpunk // People Say

13: Elena Ramona // The Neon Lights


Disc 2:

01: Petrol Girls // Big Mouth

02: Brasher // Eagles

03: Hunting Hearts // Get Running

04: Bratakus // Cyber Queen

05: Virus // Human Cell

06: DARKHORSE // Lesser Lives to Live

07: Rash Decision // First of The Band to Die

08: Brain Anguish // Fluent in Misogyny

09: Tetley // Different

10: The Portobello Set // Martha’s Garden

11: Evening planes // Nothing Left to Dream

12: The Quagaars // Forgotten Gravity

13: Electric Stars // This is The End 



History - A Benefit Album - Double CD Edition

  • At least £5 from every sale will be donated to supporting T&Coffee in continuing to offer its network.