Your Story is Our History

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

We sometimes fail to see that the times we live in will one day become history. Each and every one of us has part in that story.

This February is LGBT History Month and we want to invite you to share your own part of LGBT History. W're inviting you to send us a short video clip to feature on our social media pages, telling a little bit about an event in your own LGBT History.

These videos will be put out on our social media channels over the course of of the month for people to watch and enjoy. If you want to keep track of these amazing stories, you can visit our brand new YouTube channel here

Here is one from our founder Sammie, where she talks about her first chance to spend some time as her authentic self and what it helped her realise...

If you would like to join us in telling these stories, please either email us at or Direct Message on the socials @TnCoffeeLGBT

We will be featuring different stories as the month goes on and will feature some of them on our website too.

Thank You & Happy LGBT History Month

#YourStoryIsOurHistory #LGBTHM21

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