We're Still Getting Ready...

Thank You so much to all our awesome supporters for you help in getting this far. We're getting ever closer to our first events and we wanted to share something exciting with you. Our new website...

We've been working to deliver a site that can extend the support we offer you but, we're still getting a few things ready. We want to give you the best experience we can so, these things can't be rushed...

Once we are fully up and running, you will be able to join the community forum and gain access to discussion boards, support resources and receive exclusive invites to our support events. As with everything T&Coffee does, your safety, security and comfort are at the heart of these developments. We are doing all we can to build a secure and happy environment for you. Don't forget you can still find our latest news and updates on our social media pages by following @TnCoffeeLGBT or the hashtag #TnCoffeeLGBT Also, why not share our project with your communities and invite them to come and join in with this groundbreaking change in #TransSupportNetworks

Thank You again everyone. We do this to support our little community and your help and input are always appreciated.



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