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Updated: Mar 19

If there is one thing that stands out as being good for the trans & gender diverse community, it is visibility. One simply cannot underestimate the power of being the person that puts a human face to a cause, being the person someone sees and finally relates too or even, simply making yourself seen so others don't feel alone.

Trans Day of Visibility takes place on the 31st March and now more than ever it feels important to show the world that we are out here living real lives.

It's not been easy over the last year or so, with so many of us still isolated, working from home or not being able to simply be out and about. So, we felt it was time to remind the world that we are still here, there and everywhere with a little video project... and the best part is, you're the stars!

That's right folks, we want you to #GetInvolved in producing a short video and all it takes is few seconds of your time. Simply send us a short video clip (literally a few seconds) of yourself, wherever you may be, saying:


"I'm (Insert name) I'm (insert gender identity) and I'm Visible Here" (showing wherever you are)

It doesn't matter if you're at home, at work, out for some exercise in the park, making the essential shopping trip or wherever else you may be. We want to show the world that we're more than just a twitter community or a secretly hidden little group of people. We want to show people that we are out there living our real lives, right now! We will then edit all the clips together into a short video for release on #TDoV via our social media and YouTube channels.

Deadline for clips in 26th March. You can either DM us on any of our socials at @TnCoffeeLGBT or email clips/ download links to

We've already got some fantastic people sending clips through so please, get yours over to us before the 26th March and we will make sure you are included.

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