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Once again we've been blown away but the amazing people at Out at Tesco, who have offered to fund our fixed costs for the year! This covers keeping the basics up & running whilst keeping our website & socials updated to make sure you have the latest information.

Thank You doesn't cover it. We honestly couldn't bring T&Coffee to the community without this amazing support. Thank You Tesco for believing in us

When we were setting up T&Coffee, we knew we needed find a partner that could provide safe facilities but also who wanted to get involved with supporting our community. Tesco have already proven their resounding commitment through their Out At Tesco network.

When we spoke to Tesco about the amazing work they are doing they had this to say:

"The purpose of our Out at Tesco network is to support and develop our LGBT+ Colleagues. We want to connect our members together in a safe environment. Provide a place where they can seek advice and support confidentially on matters that are important to them. Out at Tesco has over 3000+ members and makes us one of the largest LGBT+ Networks in Europe and is still growing. We help shape and support the business with policies, products and services for Tesco LGBT+ Colleagues and Customers."

The philosophy Tesco have adopted ties in perfectly with the intent and mission of T&Coffee. We are very lucky to have partnered with Tesco and we're really excited for the series of events they are helping us to bring you in 2020.

We're not stopping here, the year has only just begun. We are looking forward to future where we can continue to host at their sites, whilst opening up the opportunities for their own LGBT+ Colleagues to get involved with the T&Coffee project as it grows.

On top of this, we are always looking to work with established and growing organisations, to make sure we can reach and support as many people as possible. So, if you have a community group or charity you would like to share with us, please do get in touch.

Once again, Thank You Tesco

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