History - A Benefit Album by Trans Punks

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

The Project:

One of the regular online members of the weekly TACv sessions, Emma Page, had mentioned that she played in a band. Emma said she would be happy to donate the proceeds of an upcoming Trans Punks release to help support T&Coffee in these difficult times. How far Emma has taken this amazing offer has been nothing short of awe inspiring.

Within 48 hours of her initial idea, she had bands from around the world offering their music to help build a benefit album. The outpouring of support from not just LGBTQ+ musicians but from a huge range of global allies, has meant we have found ourselves with more artists and tracks than we can even fit onto a single disc record.

With so many stories to tell and so much support, we decided to make sure we told the world about the fantastic people we had heard from. We want to tell so many stories that the idea almost wrote itself:

“Their Story, Her Story, His Story, Our Story… History”

With some incredible stories to tell, we felt it need to be told in context, to as many people as possible and at the right time. With such a limited number of awareness events through 2020, we decided to mark an important day in our calendar. Trans Day of Remembrance 2020 takes place on 20th November, which will be marking with the first release of History.

As well as digital versions and streaming, CD versions of the full album, with limited edition vinyl presses will be released. We believe the spirit of this album screams that it’s time to #BeOnTheRightSideOfHistory


The Artists:

All of the artists contributing to History have connections to the Trans & Gender Diverse community. Whether they are trans artists, have gender diverse families & friends or, are just incredible allies, we have been amazed by the huge amount of support. History features music by Ian Page & The Affair, The Name, YEH-YEH, Elena Ramona, The Deep Six, Omega Tribe, French Boutik, The Electric Stars, Yellowcake, The Portobello Set, Brasher & Darkhorse with many more still donating their music.

The Music:

The creative direction has grown from the huge show of support from so many bands who leapt at the opportunity to give to this project. Few styles of music capture the spirit of progress like the sounds of retro punk. This eclectic album includes classic sounds, with modern edgy lyrics forging a story which demands change.

How Can You Help?

T&Coffee is a grassroots project, who have been incredibly lucky to have so many amazing artists donate their work to creating this beautiful album. The issue we now face is that we need to tell people about the work we are putting into this album or we won’t be able to reach anything like enough people to make it the success the artists deserve.

We don’t have a marketing budget, we don’t have advertising funds, we don’t have a huge team of social media experts. What we do have though is our time, drive and commitment and, hopefully, your support to spread the word. We’re not too proud to outright ask for your help in getting the word out there about the release as we approach TDoR 2020.

Anything you, your organisation, your personal networks or anyone else can do to help us spread the message about the album and the project will be so greatly received.

Social Media & Website Links:

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter: @TACHistoryAlbum @TnCoffeeLGBT

Website: https://www.TAndCoffee.co.uk/shop

Short Link: https://bit.ly/2EOTqLl

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