From Least to Least

We have so many incredible members in our community but every now and then, one of them does something simply outstanding. One of our long term regular #TACv patrons has done just that... Newly published author Dale has just released their first book. A beautifully collated collection of their own poetry, lovingly crafted from their experiences and put together against the incredibly difficult backdrop of a global pandemic. Self published and available in paperback or kindle versions, 'From Least to Least' is set to become this year’s must have on every LGBTQ+ bookshelf. We were lucky enough to be able to drag Dale away from their new found success (and D&D gaming) for a few minutes, to tell us a little more about this fantastic new anthology. Check out an exclusive preview of their latest work below...

Lending such a poignant way with words and a refreshingly new perspective, this snippet alone is a sign of excellent things to come from Dale. Go and check out this wonderful work in all its complete glory by heading over to Amazon and securing your very own of copy of 'From Least to Least: Some Transitional Poetry' today.

We're always so proud of our members and can't do enough to support the amazing emerging talent we're so lucky to see in the community. Thank You Dale for sharing your beautiful work with us.

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