Changing Hair & Changing Lives at Wildflower

One of the best things about getting involved with T&Coffee is that we get to meet some amazing people. When those amazing people are doing incredible things to support the community, it’s such a joy.

One such amazing organisation we have visited recently is Wildflower Hair. Wildflower are specialists in hair extension and enhancement, who are using the latest technologies and practices to transform the lives of women all over the country. Especially trans women…

After seeing some of their brilliant work, we caught up with their founder Hannah in her studio to find out a bit more.

Hi Hannah. So, Who are Wildflower Hair?

“Wildflower Hair is a company that specialises in Hair Loss Integration Systems and Hair Extension Methods. Not only are we there to create your dream hair with length and thickness we have also perfected a system in which we can turn a client with hair loss into a client with Wildflower Locks (long or short). We are qualified in Micro Ring/ Nano Ring/ Tape Weft/ Weave Hair Extensions and Hair Integration/ Crown Volumisers.”

Ok so, are these just hair extensions?

“Not just Hair Extensions. For a client to have just hair extensions they need to have a full head of hair to cover the fitting area so that we can have a natural looking longer and thicker head of hair. These are systems that can give you a thicker head of hair even in the most “looked at” areas of our head without any fitting areas being shown or being obvious to our friends, family and passers by. These systems are specifically for clients with hair loss and hair thinning, clients that may have been turned away by hair extensions specialists in the past.”

Wait, you mean you can work with almost any hair loss?

“Pretty much yes... Most people have no idea how much you can do to help a thinning hairline. It’s not just length, crucially we can recover volume at the crown, fringe and sides. It is recommended you have a minimum of 30% of your original hair but, almost any hair loss yes!”

Why not just get a wig or something off the shelf?

“Don’t get me wrong wigs definitely do the job but I have clients come to me because they want to go on holiday, go swimming or just stand in the wind without having to either take their wig off or have it accidentally come off. This can obviously be very embarrassing for people so I am offering a more permanent “wig” built specifically for each client that will stay in place when you do the above with no worries.”

What’s the maintenance like?

“Hair Loss systems are very high maintenance. It is recommended your see your specialist every 6 weeks for upkeep and maintenance and re alignments. Although clients may have suffered from hair loss or hair thinning, the hair they still have will still grow in some cases. Not just that the maintenance is there to make sure everything is perfect so clients don’t encounter any problems. You have to remember this isn’t a wig you put on and off at the end or start of the day. This is a permanent solution that we will wash, sleep in, go swimming in and do every day activities in, it’s the crown you never take off (except by your specialist in the comfort of your own home or Wildflower Hair private salon).”

How did you get into supporting the Trans community?

“I have always supported the trans community. If I’m honest this is the first time that I have seen the trans community working in such an incredible and positive way. When I saw what Samantha was doing for trans & gender diverse people, and how it is affecting families and companies, I knew I had to get more involved and show my support even more. The truth is, I really want to support all people suffering the pain of hair loss, especially those who are already under so much fire for having the bravery to be true to themselves.”

That’s such an amazing thing to hear. What’s the best way for our members to get in touch with you?

“Your best bet is to pop me a message on my Facebook page or Instagram page so, we can have a chat about what we can do to help you.”

Thank you so much for having us today, it’s been incredible to get an understanding of what can be done. Before we heard about you, we had no idea that you could do so much with so little hair. We really believe this is a life changing process for people and thank you for your commitment to helping our little community.

So, there it is… What a brilliant afternoon with Wildflower Hair. If you want to get in touch you can find their Facebook page HERE of find them on Instagram @wildflower_hair_hh

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