As the founding member of T&Coffee I have been really lucky to have been involved some seismic events this year. One of the most exciting of these is an event called Trans in The City. However, with such a huge event planned, we decided it was time to bring Trans in The City out of the boardroom and into the streets.

Challenge Charlie is Treasure Hunt/ Challenge Anneka style race around London, being taken on by our amazing Role-Model Charlie Martin. 

The challenge is to meet with Mermaids in the morning, to collect one of their Beautifully Knitted Merfolk.  Then our tame racing driver Charlie has to take it to visit each of the incredible companies who are Partnering the main event... 

We want every partner to meet and greet with Charlie & our Merperson, before presenting her back to Mermaids at the end of this epic journey.

Sounds easy enough right? So, to make it that bit more challenging, Charlie is not allowed to pay for any of her transport throughout the day!!!  All of Charlies travel around London is to be provided by our amazing partners...

This is going to be a challenge but, a charity like Mermaids faces some immense challenges every single day.

It is our hope that by using this incredible event to build a wider awareness of and a stronger commitment to developing trans rights, that we can help to support Mermaids in their invaluable work.

We would love you to get involved too. If you can spare a little to donate to this outstanding charity, it will go towards helping the much needed and hugely valuable work they do. You can donate to #ChallengeCharlie via https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/challengecharlietransitcuk

Anything you can donate will be incredible. Thank You

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