B.Y.O.P - Bring Your Own Picnic

We're really excited to announce that we can still go ahead with our first B.Y.O.P event this July...

What's BYOP?

BYOP is an outdoor, safe & sober social event for our members.

We are inviting the community to join us, for a safely socially distanced picnic with their own food, to spend some time with the people they have met through our online network.

When's BYOP?

We picked a weekend in July (Sat 17th & Sun 18th) in the hope that covid restrictions would have been lifted by then. With the recent news that restrictions will not be lifted in time, we are glad we already planned for an outdoor and socially distanced event. We will have to limit numbers as a result but, we will be going ahead. Both days will be around lunchtime.

Where's BYOP?

We have tried to cover a fair chunk of the country in a weekend... So, Saturday 17th July will be held in Manchester & Sunday 18th July will be in Brighton. To help us maintain the safety of our community, we are not publishing the exact addresses of these social gatherings to people without registering first.


Don't worry, as per our charter, this is a free to attend event. We are using registration to manage numbers and keep everyone as safe as possible. You can register your interest in one or both events by clicking here (spaces are limited due to safety reasons)

Why "Bring Your Own" food?

We're not just watching the budget, we're watching out for our members too. Our team are not caterers so, we couldn't guarantee the highest levels of allergy or other food safety standards. We also realise there are members of the community who will have different dietary requirements or diverse relationships with food so, we decided it was best to let each of you bring what you're happiest with. This also helps reduce the risk of close contact and spreading of Covid 19. There is of course one exception. No Alcohol!


As with all of our face to face or online events, there is an outright ban on bringing, consuming or being under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs for the duration. We take the safety of our sober spaces very seriously so, anyone we see or feel is not following this rule will be asked to leave.

Let's be honest, it's been a tough year or so and it's not getting easier any time soon. We have seen an incredible community bloom in the T&Coffee online space. Some lasting friendships, a wonderful support network and real connections for some otherwise isolated people. We simply want to give some of you the chance to meet up and share the same T&Coffee fun, in the safest and most enjoyable way we can think of.

Please do keep an eye on the website & socials (@TnCoffeeLGBT) for details about this exciting event.

Look forward to seeing you all soon

Any questions or an error with this page? Email info@tandcoffee.co.uk

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