T&Coffee Virtual Event

Code of Conduct

The T&Coffee Trans Network want all of our members to get the most out of the virtual events we organise. These events include the TACv Virtual Socials, Live Streams & The Book Club. 


TACv is a series of virtual events, which aim to create a safe, accessible, alcohol free & pressure free virtual social space. These events are open to everyone, with a host from The T&Coffee Trans Network running and managing each event.


What TACv IS:

  • A virtual social group for people to meet other trans and gender diverse people, as well as supportive members of the wider community

  • A publicly open platform, where people are welcome to share their news, express their views and chat with members of their community

  • A place to share your experiences with other members of the community in a supportive way

  • A place to make friends in the community who can work together to help support one another

  • A safe space for anyone who wishes to attend, away from the pressures of alcohol, substance or other potential abuse



  • TACv social sessions are not group therapy. They may not be the best place to share some difficult issues

  • TACv social sessions are not mental health group support. These social sessions do not act as a mental health, grief, gender, sexuality or other personal counselling service

  • TACv social sessions are not a replacement for professional mental health or medical support

  • TACv sessions are not a place to give medical advice, with the exception of signposting people to a healthcare professional


When joining a TACv Social Session you are expected to understand the above limitations. Whilst we want to provide a platform for all members to speak openly, there may be times where it is counter to the safety of the rest of the group. ABUSE OF ANY MEMBER OR HOST OF ANY EVENT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. This may mean that certain topics are not suitable for discussion. Things that are not suitable for these events may include but are not limited to:

  • Recording any part, of any event, in any format

  • Consuming alcohol or illicit substances during or prior to a session

  • Excessive use of foul language/ swearing/ abusive language

  • Explicit discussion of self-harm or suicide

  • Detailed discussion of deeply personal issues (abuse, violence, bereavement, relationship breakdowns, financial issues etc.)

  • Giving too many details about your personal life or “oversharing”

  • Publicly giving out your contact details

  • Promoting your own business (unless agreed with the admin team)

  • Giving medical advice or, endorsing/ advocating for uncontrolled medication (self-medicating)


This list is in no way exhaustive and the host of the session has the right to end any line of conversation or permit topics at their trained discretion. In all cases where the host intervenes, the hosts decision is final. This may include excluding members from the rest of the conversation. It is not acceptable for any member of any event to record any part of that event, in any format. In any cases where recording is detected, the member will not only be ejected but may be subject to legal action.


These same guidelines apply to all T&Coffee virtual events, including Live Streams, Book Clubs & any other future events.


A note on Live Streams & Book Clubs:

Whilst we expect members to manage their own behaviour, there may be cases where the behaviour portrayed in Live Stream Gaming or within a book could be problematic for people who are struggling with certain issues. It should be noted that all Live Stream Gaming events are marked as containing explicit content but, some gaming & book subjects may contain difficult topics. If you feel that you may be affected by this content, we request you to not attend such sessions. 


Should any member need to identify support resources as a result of any virtual event content they can email info@tandcoffee.co.uk for contact details of support services.


By joining any T&Coffee virtual event session you are agreeing to this code of conduct.