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For Our Community

T&Coffee is peer to peer networking project,  providing alcohol free, accessible and safe spaces, where trans and gender diverse people can share their experiences. The project is aimed at transgender and gender diverse people, with any gender history, at any stage of their journey, their families and carers, who are looking to find or offer peer to peer community based support.

T&Coffee was founded by a transgender woman who identified the limitations of support through online platforms.  

This project aims to bridge that gap, through allowing members of a marginalised and largely online community, to have a safe and friendly space to turn to.

We are proudly supported by Out At Tesco, who have kindly let us use their national locations to host these events. We are also members of Trans In The City who have provided guidance to help our team grow.

T&Coffee is a not about profit, with no attendance or membership fees.

T&Coffee - Supporting You, To Be You...


We run our service entirely on the donations and good will of our community.  You can support us by clicking here

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T&Coffee are a national organisation based in the

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